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Cheap Car Insurance Ireland

It is a common belief drivers will find the best deals of cheap car insurance in Ireland by using the companies that are available on the internet. The team at Car Insurance Watch Irelandhave found from research that this is not necessarily the case. There are many brokers in the high streets of towns throughout Ireland that can offer deals that will match, and sometimes better, car insurance costs of those online. Many smaller brokers will help with your search for cheap car insurance and are fully aware of the best deals that suit a driver's individual needs. Our team advise that it could possibly save several Euros if drivers check with local insurers as well of those who have an internet presence. Most brokers from your nearest town or city will be able to quote respective car insurance costs over the phone, as well as offering different types of payment methods such as monthly or quarterly direct debit charges.

Types of Cheap Car Insurance

Basically there are two types of car insurance available in Ireland. Third-Party Fire and Theft is regarded as the 'cheap car insurance' in Ireland. There other is Comprehensive and this type is commonly purchased for new and more expensive vehicles.

Third Party Insurance- 'The Cheap car Insurance in Ireland

Third party Car Insurance is regarded by many as being the 'less expensive' of the two available to drivers in Ireland. It is also the most popular form of motor insurance. Drivers will need to remember that this policy only covers car owners for loss of the vehicle through fire or theft and also for any loss as a result of attempted fire or theft. Damage to property may also be covered. Third Party policies have restrictions and limits and if drivers have to make an insurance claim may can find themselves suffering a financial loss. In the event of an accident, were you are at fault, then only your passengers and the driver and passengers of the other vehicle will be compensated. This type of insurance does not cover for damage sustained in an accident to the car or if your car is stolen or goes on fire.

Cheap Car Insurance Ireland

Comprehensive - 'The not so Cheap Car Insurance'

Comprehensive car insurance can be a lot more expensive than third party insurance. While driver do pay more for this policy, they gain more coverage in regarding road traffic accidents and a lot more besides. Drivers are usually covered for any damage done to the vehicle regardless of how it occurred, life & accident insurance, loss of personal items from the car, the cost of a hired car while the insured car 'off the road', as well as windscreen cracks and breakage. This insurance is said to be better for drivers that have purchased a brand new vehicle and it widely perceived that all brand new motors should be covered by comprehensive insurance.