Companies Offering Cheapest Car Insurance Ireland? CIWI Investigates

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Cheapest Car Insurance Ireland

As the market for the cheapest car insurance in Ireland becomes ever more competitive, an increasing number of companies are offering better value deals in hope to increase their customer base. It is, however, important to remember that the majority of these so called promotions are aimed at new customers only. As many drivers in Ireland are already aware, these 'cheapest car insurance' deals may only last for one year only. Therefore, drivers should keep in mind to shop around when their car insurance policy is coming to an end. To merely let a company or broker automatically renew your car insurance does not make economical sense and could cost tens or even hundreds of Euro. In these days of austerity, like other household bills, reducing the cost of your car insurance should be regarded with the up most importance.

Cheapest Car Insurance Ireland? The most common ploys Companies and Brokers use

The tactics used by both companies and brokers when offering so called cheapest car insurance Ireland special offers varies from business to business. The larger multi-national companies promote a number of 'hooks' to get drivers to purchase a policy.

The 'Free' Months Car Insurance Promotion

One of the most common promotions is offering 'free' months, such as, 12 for the price of 11 (one month free). Anyone with basic knowledge of maths should realise that this offer only cuts the overall cost by a twelfth or in percentage terms 8.33% . Not a great 'deal' in the grand scheme of things. In the rare times, when companies are involved in a price war, the rate of car insurance has been cut by up to 25% or three months free. Again, these deals are usually offered to new customers only and the poor driver who has loyally stayed with the one company is basically forgotten about.

Cheapest Car Insurance Ireland

Joining Car Insurance With Other Policies may lead to the cheapest car insurance in Ireland

Another car insurance offer that is commonplace in Ireland, with regard to companies increasing their client base, is amalgamating it with other insurance policies such as home or life insurance. These packages can substantially reduce the overall costs to household quite considerably. If you are thinking of changing your car insurance to a new company then it could be worthwhile considering changing other policies as well. This gives Irish drivers a strong bargaining position and therefore be able to reduce their bills by some margin.