CIWI Explains Classic Car Insurance In Ireland

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Classic Car Insurance Ireland

The popularity of owning a classic car in Ireland has grown substantially during the last few decades. This nostalgic pastime has seen drivers purchase old cars, spending hours reconditioning them to their former glory and showing them at vintage rallies throughout the country.

For drivers to obtain classic car insurance in Ireland both the driver and vehicle have to meet certain criteria. Although most companies set similar standards for classic car insurance policies, there are, however, a few differences between them.

Main points to receive Classic Car Insurance in Ireland

The team at Car Insurance Watch Ireland have listed the main points needed.

1. The vehicle owner must be at least 25 years old and not more than 75 years..

2. The car is at least 15 years old, although some companies approve classic car insurance for vehicles that are at least 10 years of age.

3. The vehicle must not do more that a set mileage each year. This is commonly set at 7,500 miles.

4. The vehicle is parked either in a garage or driveway at night.

5. A maximum value of the vehicle must not be more than a given amount, usually set at €45,000.

6. The vehicle is only used for domestic use only and not used as part of a business

7. The vehicle has not been modified

8. The vehicle is owned by the person applying for insurance.

9. Drivers must have a full driver's licence.

10. The driver must not have motor convictions or penalty points in the previous five years.

11. The driver has no serious medical conditions.

12. The driver has never been refused car insurance at any time.

Classic Car Insurance Ireland

Advantages and Disadvantages of Classic Car Insurance in Ireland

Although considerably less expensive than other policies, classic car insurance comes with many restrictions. The policy is deemed useless for instance, for the use of a family car as it would be rare for such a vehicle to do less mileage than the policy demands. Therefore, this policy is only needed for drivers of vintage cars who only use the vehicle on rare occasions. These vintage car enthusiasts are more than likely to own another car that is used as their main vehicle while the vehicle having a classic car policy is only used for special occasions such as shows or simply to gave it a 'run out' so it won't seize by lack of use.