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Car insurance Companies Ireland

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Its is perhaps cliched when people advise that you should shop around the various car insurance companies in Ireland to find the best deal that will suit your own personal needs. The are many companies in the Irish market today, all of which offer several deals and special offers of car insurance to the different specified groups. For example, many offer packages that will tie in car insurance with either lifer or home insurance and sometimes even both. There are other Irish insurance companies who can offer reasonable deals to young drivers especially when customers allow safety mechanisms like telematics, where a computer program will record how a young person is driving such as their speed and bad habits etc. These deals can sometimes save clients up to 30% in the overall cost of their car insurance.

Car Insurance Companies Ireland

There are several car insurance brokers and companies in Ireland. In the picture above you will see some of the most popular companies and brokers. You can discover more information on each broker and company by clicking on the appropriate link in the column to the right.

Difference Between Insurance companies and car insurance brokers

There are several variances between Irish insurance brokers and companies or the agents that work for an irish insurance company. The term insurance broker or insurance company / agent are often confused when speaking about car insurance or, in fact any other insurance policy. The difference between them can be very important to clients requiring a car insurance product.

First, it's vital that everybody should know that the car insurance rates charged by companies are highly regulated - usually by the Central bank of Ireland. When a person receives an insurance quote from any company, that has to be the rate that the insurance company is allowed to charge for. Car insurance companies are not allowed to quote a different rate for the same coverage.

Car Insurance Brokers Ireland - Differences to Insurance companies

Car insurance brokers in Ireland are slightly different. Brokers are independent businesses not directly connected to a particular insurance company. Brokers can use several car insurance companies to find the best deal for their clients. Although everybody should realise that for every car insurance policy sold to customers, they will receive a commission from the particular company who sell the product. There may be other costs. such as a broker fee, but these are mostly listed on a bill separate from the car insurance costs.