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Taxi Insurance Ireland

As with other road vehicles , the law states that cab drivers must have taxi insurance in Ireland. The cost of taxi insurance is usually considerably more than private car insurance. There are two types of insurance for taxis, firstly public hire insurance, where taxis are permitted to be hailed by clients anywhere and private hire where a pick up is booked before the journey starts. It is also a requirement by law that valid insurance documents are produced before Ireland's tax licensing authorities will issue a taxi licence plate.

Types of Taxi Insurance

1. Third party taxi insurance will cover the driver and passengers for the minimum legal requirements. It does not cover for damage to the taxi or property within the vehicle

2. Third party fire and theft taxi insurance will cover the driver for damage caused to the vehicle during a theft or an attempted theft, or if the vehicle is involved in a fire. If your vehicle is not recovered following a theft, or is a total loss in a fire, the insurance company will compensate the driver for the value of the taxi at the time of the incident.

3. Comprehensive taxi insurance will cover damage to the driver's vehicle even if an accident is the fault of the driver. Most companies and insurance brokers advise that comprehensive coverage is best suited to more expensive vehicles. This insurance will also cover malicious damage caused to the taxi. It is worth noting that this policy usually have an excess charge for each claim and can cost somewhere in the region of €150 to €450 .

Taxi Insurance Ireland

Taxi Insurance in Ireland and legal requirements

Obviously, insurance companies and brokers will only sell policies to drivers with current taxi licence. If a vehicle is used by more than one person, then each driver must be named on the insurance policy. It is also a requirement that each person that uses the car for taxi must have a valid taxi licence. It is important to note that if a taxi is being used for other purposes, the vehicle will not be insured and is therefore being driven illegally.

Costs of Taxi insurance in Ireland

The average cost of insuring a taxi with comprehensive insurance can be as much as €6,000

Legal stuff by Car Insurance Watch Ireland

This is just an introduction to taxi insurance in Ireland and is not intended to be representative of the covers or restrictions offered by any particular insurance company or broker or that all insurance provide the protection described. You can get a recommendation for a particular insurance to suit your own circumstances by contacting the various companies and brokers throughout Ireland and on the internet.